1. Raise $25,000 to support programs and events for the current term.
  2. Community. Implement programs / events (Scholarship Program, Minority Showcases, etc.) specified in our 2017-2018 Planning Document.
  3. STEM, Community, Personal / Professional Development. By 6/30, collaborate with (3) three organizations so that the chapter may provide programs, events and advocacy efforts that expose STEM concepts to children / youth, positively impact the community or provide professional / personal development content. Complete programs and events within current term.
  4. Personal and Professional Development. Provide speaker(s) at 100% of the monthly General Body NSBE Meetings. The speakers will provide professional / personal development content for the enrichment of members.
  5. Increase national and local membership twenty percent (20%) higher than the August 2016 thru July 2017 term.
  6. Administrative. By 2/28, update the chapter website to reflect key changes discussed during the January 3, 2018 NSBE Executive Board meeting.
  7. By July 30, the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Program Chair and Communications Chair will create documentation that identifies key information and duties for their position. The documentation will be used to provide a smooth transition for the next elected officer(s).
  8. By 8/31, hold planning meeting to identify programs and events for the August, 2018 thru July 2019 term that support NSBE’s Mission.
  9. STEM Community. Support our NSBE St. Louis Metro PCI Chapter by providing leadership, instructors, support, programs and events that expose students to STEM.
  10. STEM Community. Support Wallbridge Elementary School and Jennings High School by participation on Advisory Boards and provide activities/events that expose students to STEM.