Chapter Goals

Administrative Zone 


Lead: Executive Board

During the 2010-2015 operating year, the Gateway Chapter will promote the career paths of students and professionals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), as well as, supports professional growth and technical excellence within the St. Louis engineering community by:

Providing and supporting students and professionals with mentoring

Preparing professionals in the St. Louis metro area for a challenging and diversified workplace

Assisting students to discover STEM related internships and cooperative job opportunities

Establishing and maintaining relationships with corporate sponsors

Continue to improve the operation and function of the Gateway Chapter by eliminating inefficiencies and discovering innovative ideas to expand our impact in the St. Louis metro area through August 2015.

Support the regional and national directives by aligning our chapter duties and activities through August 2015.

Support the 2015 TPC Chair for the 41th Annual Convention (St. Louis) by utilizing our network to provide new ideas for the convention and encourage participation to fulfill the 2015 TPC goals.


Lead: Parliamentarian

Examine the function of the constitution and create amendments that reflect positive changes and positions within chapter through August 2015.

Membership Zone


Lead: Membership Chair

Provide a means to recruit and retain members and affiliates by holding membership drives and creating incentives to join the Gateway Chapter through August 2015.

Increase membership by 10% more than the membership of the previous year by August 2015.


Communications Zone


Lead: Communications Chair

Efficiently handle and organize the communication and data in regards to the chapter in order to keep the membership informed of news and events related to NSBE and STEM-related events in the St. Louis metro area during through August 2015.

Create, update, and manage HTML-based email system with Telecommunications Chair in order to professionally enhance the information sent the membership via email through August 2015.

Manage and update email distribution list to ensure emails are sent the active members of the chapter through August 2015.



Lead: Communications Chair

Establish and maintain a good image while communicating the mission and purpose of the chapter with the public by developing a marketing strategy utilizing promotion tools (website, flyers, and business cards) through August 2015.

Create brochures about the chapter community wide events

Gather email addresses and points of contacts of influential groups or people within the St. Louis metro area for marketing campaigns, scholarship solicitation, etc. through August 2015.


Lead: Communications Chair

Encourage and assist members to submit articles to the Alumni Arsenal by providing interested candidates with the information and tools needed for the submittals through August 2015.


Lead: Telecommunications Chair

Update the website and social networking websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & Picasa page) weekly to keep membership informed of news and events related to NSBE and STEM-related events in the St. Louis metro area through August 2015.


Programs Zone


Lead: Programs Chair

Provide access to professional, entrepreneurial, career, and educational development information and activities in order to further the success and accomplishments of Alumni members through August 2015.


Lead: Programs Chair

Provide opportunities for membership to fellowship and networking with each other and other professionals in the St. Louis metro area by identifying events and activities of interest through August 2015.


Lead: Programs Chair

Support the Washington University Chapter in planning and executing the AWFE event in the St. Louis area by encouraging and promoting awareness of the opportunities available through education, particularly math and science, within underrepresented groups through April 2015.



Lead: Programs Chair

Support and foster growth in local NSBE collegiate chapters by providing a resource and support link to the student chapters and supporting of their initiatives through August 2015.

Invite collegiate leadership to attend Gateway chapter meeting and events via informal invitations through August 2015.


Lead: PCI Chair & Principal

Mentor, support, and encourage the development of engineering principles for pre-college students by providing them with tools that will allow them to excel academically through August 2015.


Lead: Scholarship Chair

Plan, coordinate, and execute the Gateway Chapter’s annual scholarship reception in order to provide scholarships to qualified candidates by creating a program/agenda, selecting a location, arranging for refreshments, issuing solicitations, and interviewing scholarship recipients by June 2015.

Finance Zone


Lead: Finance Chair

Develop and maintain financial resources and objectives by facilitate fund raising events through August 2015.

Provide document submittals and proposals for grants, donations, and sponsorship from corporations and individuals through August 2015.

Create and maintain a means for individuals to pay dues and donate to the Gateway Chapter online by maintaining a PayPal account though August 2015.

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